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We realized that most of the people, including ourselves, extract most of their life energy and motivation from real, in-person interactions with other humans. 

We love remote work, but we want to do it on our terms. We want to stay motivated, inspired, we want to exchange ideas and don’t want to be lonely.

That is why we created Share Home Office

How does it work?

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Step 2.

Browse interesting people in your location

Step 3.

Invite them to co-work in your home office or ask to meet in theirs

One Community, So Many Benefits

🚀 Exchange your skills!

Step up your game. Find people with complementary skills and learn from them.

👍 Get inspired and motivated!

People you admire might be working next door. Connect with them and get a huge motivational boost.

🎯 Increase your productivity!

Human beings crave real personal interactions at work. Meet people, refresh your mind and take your effectiveness to new highs.

👥 Grow your network!

Connections are everything. Reach out to fellow remote workers from your area and build yours.

Why People Love Share Home Office?

London, UK

Whether in my flat in London or an Airbnb while travelling, I always like to have some company while working. I find it keeps me motivated and it’s nice to meet people doing the same!

Revelstoke, Canada

I love the idea of sharing a home office space with other digital nomads & remote workers and I look forward to meeting like-minded people!

Antalya, Turkey

Thanks to ShareHomeOffice I hope to meet encouraging and helpful people all around my city and while travelling.

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New York, USA
Florida, USA
San Francisco, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Manalapa, USA
Union City, USA
Fresno California, USA
Daly City, USA
Fullerton, USA
Saugerties NY, USA
Decatur, USA
Phoenix, USA
Dallas, USA
Brooklyn, USA
Atlanta, USA
Ohio, USA
Brecksville, USA
Largo, USA
Seattle, USA
Mililani, USA
Boulder, USA
Vancouver, Canada,
Quebec City, Canada
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Warsaw, Poland
Cracow, Poland
Poznan, Poland
Gdansk, Poland
London, UK
Birmingham, UK
Leicester, UK
Yorkshire, UK
Bristol, UK
Hayes, UK
Oss, Nederland
Bern, Switzerland
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Paphos, Cyprus
Aix en Provence, France
Konstanz,  Germany
Vilnius, Lithuania
Rome, Italy
Firenze, Italy
Vienna, Austria
Yerevan, Armenia
Bertrix, Belgium
Brno, Czech Republic
Resita, Romania
Bucharest, Romania
Stockholm, Sweden
Aachen, Germany
Belgrade, Serbia
Zaandam, Netherlands


Antalya, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Bali, Indonesia
Bengaluru, India
Samarkan, Uzbekistan
Tokyo, Japan
Taichung City, Taiwan

Australia and Oceania

Auckland, New Zealand


Cape Town, South Africa
Cairo, Egypt
Hlatikulu, Eswatini

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ShareHomeOffice is and always will be free.